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Power supply

There is no cable supplied with the device. It needs to be powered by means of a wire-ended power line including phase, neutral and earth. The device is to be powered with an AC line between 100 and 240 VAC. For older devices (< 3.0) will it depend on the acquired version.

The cable size can be limited as the device requires less than 5W of power: e.g. 3 x 0.75mm² or 3 x 1.5mm² (mind the correct fusing according to the cable widths).

It is also recommended to install an external switch to power on or off in an easy manner.

Wall mounting

The mounting holes are placed in a rectangle with size 114 by 259 mm.

Relay direct connection

The relays of the Consort controllers are Solid State types which are able to switch only AC Voltages between 12 to 250 VAC. They are not cooled and are limited to switch currents of max. 1 Ampere.

Relay indirect connection

When one or more of these conditions is required:

  • To switch DC – Voltage.
  • To switch Currents higher than 1 Ampere.
  • To act as a dry contact.

It will be required to add a second mechanical relay which needs to be controlled by the Controller relay:

Requirements for the pH/mV/O2 inputs

Please check next requirements to ensure a good installation of the electrodes.

Use electrode cable

Only use a typical electrode cable since:

  • its impedance is high enough to meet the electrode's requirement.
  • it has a special internal antistatic foil to prevent static charges from cable movements which could disturb the measurements.

Short circuit the unused pH/mV/O2 inputs

High impedance pH/mV/O2 inputs should not be left open! Floating inputs may disturb the instrument.

Clean connection

Make sure that all parts are dry and clean! Moisture and dirt are conductive and influence the measurements.

Do not submerse the electrode unless allowed

Electrodes with S7/S8 heads can not be completely immersed. If necessary, make sure to use an immersible electrode + cable.

Use an appropriate electrode

Make sure that your electrode is suitable for your application and environment. Check carefully the specifications of the electrode (min/max. pH, min/max. temperature, min/max. pressure, …) with the environmental parameters.

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