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General Information


These instruments are manufactured with the latest technology and need no particular maintenance. Consort certifies that the instruments were thoroughly inspected and tested at the factory prior to shipment and found to meet all requirements defined by contract under which it is furnished. However, dimensions and other physical characteristics may differ. The normal operating temperature should be between 0° and 40°C. Never use an instrument in a room with high humidity (>95 %) or at very low temperatures (condensation water!).


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Tel (+32)(14)41 12 79
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This instrument (excluding all accessories) is warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of shipment ex factory. Consort will repair all defective equipment returned to it during the warranty period without charge, provided the equipment has been used under normal laboratory conditions and in accordance with the operating limitations and maintenance procedures in this instruction manual and when not having been subject to accident, alteration, misuse or abuse. A return authorisation must be obtained from Consort before returning any product for warranty repair on a freight prepaid basis! Consort is not liable for consequential damages arising out of the use or handling of its products.


In the event of this instrument being returned for servicing, the owner is requested NOT to send the following items unless they are suspect:

  • Manual
  • Cables
  • Accessories

If serious malfunctioning occurs, stop using the unit immediately and consult your local Consort dealer.

AC adaptor

Connect the mains adapter to the DC socket. Do not hold the adapter by wet hand.


The measuring electrodes should be connected to the corresponding coaxial pH, mV, DO or EC connectors. Automatic temperature compensation and temperature measurements are possible by plugging a Pt1000 temperature probe into the °C terminals. Without Pt1000, the manual temperature compensation is automatically switched on.

  • Never immerse a pH electrode and a dissolved oxygen electrode together in the same solution!
  • A blinking decimal point warns you for unstable measurements. Wait to read the display! Stirring the solution during the measurements promotes the homogeneity and is obligatory!
  • The instrument will refuse automatic calibration when the electrode is unstable. Insufficient stirring or a worn electrode may be the cause.
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