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Firmware R3610

The controller model R3610 has the possibility to be upgraded in firmware. It can be upgraded as long as the current device version starts with the same number. e.g. A device with the version 1.x cannot be upgraded to a version starting with 2.x.

Find also more information on the installation of the software on this page: Firmware

Place the firmware file by preference in the folder '(your documents)\Consort\Firmware'. This helps to find the firmware easier when using the firmware loader program.

Version 3.x


  • Baudrate settings from 2400 to 115200. Can be used with the latest DIS2 version at higher speeds.

Version 2.x


  • Improved 4-20 mA output for the conductivity. This version removes current peaks when switching over to another measurement range.


  • bugfix: The selection of the conductivity measurement range for the 4-20 mA analogue ouputs was limited to 20.00 mS/cm; now up to 2000 mS/cm.
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