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Prior to installation


Some of our latest devices have the ability to update the internal device firmware. Please check their wiki page to find a suitable firmware file: Devices


Windows .NET

The program is written in VB.NET which requires a Windows PC with the .NET 4.0 framework installed. If not installed yet, the framework will be when installing the firmware loader program.


When your device supports RS232, there is no further need to install any driver. Just make sure to use the correct cable. It is required to have a straight forwarded cable with 2 female DB9 connectors. DO NOT USE A NULL MODEM CABLE.


When making use of a USB port, make sure the correct USB driver is installed. The latest version can be downloaded from the website of FTDI whom is the supplier of the USB technology: FTDI Driver Page. The easiest is to make use of the 'setup executable' which can be found on the driver page in the right column preceded with the text 'Available as ..'. Simply download and execute this executable to install the latest driver. Mind that the instrument is not connected to the USB port when installing the driver!

When installed, simply connect the instrument to the USB port of the computer and wait until the message is given the installation is finished.


The latest firmware can be downloaded from this wiki or might be supplied by email ( Place the firmware file by preference in the folder '(your documents)\Consort\Firmware'.


The firmware loader can be downloaded and installed from this link: Consort Firmware Loader.


To be able install the firmware, your device needs to be programmed to the correct serial baud rate. Go into the configuration menu of the device, choose to modify the serial port settings and select the baudrate of 57600. Go back to the measurement mode after it has been set correctly. This method is not suitable for the power supplies, see next paragraph.

If the firmware load program doesn't detect the device that way, you'll need to start the device with both arrow keys pressed in. When successful, nothing will appear on the display and you can release the arrow keys. If something does appear, retry to start. The software will recognize the device when properly set into the mode to load the firmware.


When all has been prepared according to the prerequisites:

  1. Make sure the device is started up as described in previous paragraph and connected to the computer.
  2. Start the firmware loader program.
  3. The program will start to search the available serial ports to which the device might be connected.
  4. When finished, select the correct COM port in the drop-down list to which the device is connected (this is shown while scanning the ports).
  5. Click the 'File' button to choose the firmware file to program.
  6. Click the 'Program' button to start programming the new firmware file.
  7. Wait until the program tells when it has finished.
  8. Close the program and restart the instrument.
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