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R3600 series

Prior to installation

DIS-2 Installation

Consort provides free software for reading and logging the data coming from our controllers R3610, R362x and R3630. This document describes how to install the software DIS-2.

1 Requirements

1.1 Windows

The software is written for Windows and has been tested on all Windows versions starting from Windows XP up to Windows 7. It might be required for the last Windows versions (7, 8.x) to change the compatibility to Windows XP SP3. This will be explained in 1.3.

1.2 Converter (USB, Ethernet, ...)

The Consort controllers are equipped with a RS485 serial communication port. When no RS485 port available on the computer, it will be required to use a converter from RS485 to USB or to Ethernet.

The converter must have the possibility to install a Virtual Comm Port with a name like 'COMx' where x can be a number from 1 to 255. This is required to communicate with the software.

1.3 DIS-2 Software (Installation Guide)

The software can be downloaded when clicking this link DIS2 (latest version 1.4.28). A window will open to start the download, choose a location where to place the ZIP file.

When downloaded, use the Windows Explorer to navigate to the ZIP file, right-click it and choose to extract the contents. Navigate to the extracted files and start the program setup.exe. The setup program will start, copy some files and show the following window:

Click to enlarge

Close unnecessary programs and choose OK to obtain the following:

Click to enlarge

Click the big button to install the software:

Click to enlarge

Confirm by clicking Continue. The installation of program will continue.

It might be possible that a window opens requesting whether it needs to replace existing files that are newer than the ones it wants to install. Confirm to keep the existing files so the latest files remain intact.

When the complete installation is finished, you'll be able to confirm by clicking OK. The program can opened by choosing the Start menu button and select it from the group Consort.

2 Use the DIS-2 program

Now the program has been installed, it will be required to set it up so that the device can be read and the data can be logged.

2.1 Compatibility

For newer Windows systems (7 and 8.x), it will be required to set the program compatibility to Windows XP SP3. This can be done by choosing the shortcut that will be used to start the program. Right-click it and choose Properties from the pop-up menu. The shown window will have a tabbed page Compatibility. Choose this page and set the compatibility mode. It might be required to set also the option to run the program as an administrator on the same page. Choose OK to confirm the modifications.

2.2 Help

For all further and more detailed information on the use of the program with the device, choose Help > Contents from the menu bar of the program. In the navigation menu of the help window will you find How… where all possible start questions are explained.

3 Version history

Please check point 1.3 for the installation guide of this software.

version 1.4.27

  • Baudrates from 2400 to 115200

version 1.4.25

  • Improved scanner of read data to reduce incorrect 'Man' errors
  • R3610 added to dropdown selection list in settings > device
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