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Packaging of the power supplies

Often we get devices returned which are damaged due to rough transports. To eliminate the risk of damaged packages as much as possible, please read the following recommendations for the packaging.

Important !

  • When returning it from outside the European Union, place a low value (20 Euro for one device) on the accompanying invoice. This to avoid unnecessary high costs at the customs.
    We claim the right to refuse returned packages with a too high import value.
  • It is advised to send the box as an insured freight.
  • Don't forget to mention the RMA number you've received from us on the box/label.
  • The correct address to return the package to is:

Consort bvba
Hertenstraat 56 unit 9
2300 Turnhout


  1. Protect the device with air bubble wrap foil:
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  2. Get a small strong box which is only just a little larger than the device to ship:

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    - Place the foil wrapped device in the box. Fill the free space and gaps with protective foam chips:

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  3. Close the box:

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  4. Use box staples and tape (see step 7. and 8.) to close one side from a large and strong box. This box should be at least 10 cm larger for each of the 3 size dimensions in comparison to the box containing the device.

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    - Fill it partially with foam chips so the content to load can be centrally placed in it:

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  5. Place the small box central in the large box on the chips:

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  6. Fill the 4 open gaps with foam chips and push them to ensure a tight filling:
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    - Add foam chips on the top to ensure a complete and tight box filling and close the box:

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  7. Fixate the box closure with box staples:

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  8. Close the box middle seam and staple holes with tape to strengthen the box :

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