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Prior to installation

Data Information System Power Supplies (DIS3)

This program allows to read the data stored by the Consort power supplies. The data can be stored into several types of files for use with spreadsheets or other.


The program can be installed from these links:

for RS232 devices (EV2xx range)

for USB devices (newest range: EV1xx0, EV2xx0, EV3xx0)


Consort Power Supplies

The program is intended for the Consort Power supplies with the data log feature and a serial communication port. The EV200 range has a RS232 port to allow an external digital connection. The data log feature should be enabled in the SET-UP of the device.

The new range (EV1xx0, EV2xx0, EV3xx0) has a USB port and the data log function is always enabled. Make sure you have at least firmware 1.4 installed. See Firmware Power Supplies


The software is written in VB.NET and requires the .NET framework of Microsoft Windows. A computer system supporting the .NET version 4.0 or higher is required. It is also required to have a free serial port (RS232 or USB).


For the power supplies with a RS232 port, a suitable RS232 cable is required. This cable should have 2 female DB9 connectors and the line connections should be straight forwarded (1:1). The Consort article code for the correct cable is RS232 CABLE DP9 F/F. When the RS232 port is not available in the computer, it is possible to use a RS232/USB converter. Making use of a USB converter usually requires also the RS232 cable. When installing a USB converter, make sure a Virtual Comm Port (VCP) is installed by the USB driver. This VCP is a simulation of a RS232 port and is required to be able to connect to the power supply.


The newest power supplies with USB port require a regular USB2.x cable. As soon as connected to the PC, it will try to install the USB driver, including a VCP (Virtual Comm Port). This VCP is required to be able to communicate.

The USB driver can be installed from the following website: The easiest method is to install it before connecting the power supply by making use of the setup executable (click the link in right column of the driver table, the column is named Comments).


The program is a ClickOnce application which is able to update automatically. The program will check the installation site for a new version and will update to it before running. If an online connection is not available, the program will automatically continue to run offline.



Follow the tabbed pages of the program to be able to read the data into files. More information is given on the tabbed page 'Help'.

Multiple devices

It might be required to read multiple power supply devices simultaneously. The program stores the serial port name to which the device is connected and the window position for each set of settings. It can also store an association for files with the extension .DIS3set. Opening files with this extension will start the DIS3 program and cause it to use the filename as the name of set of settings to be used. The program DIS3 is enabled to create shortcuts on the desktop which are actually empty files with the name of the set of settings and the required file association. Opening these shortcuts will open the DIS3 program with the requested set or create a new set in case it doesn't exist yet. The shortcuts can be opened by double-clicking the filename or by righ-clicking it and choose 'Open' from the pop-up menu.

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